Aadyant Vashishth
Ademola Odusanya
Kristina Kudryavtseva
Employee engagement and workplace culture
Leadership and management development
Workplace wellness and mental health
How do global changes affect corporate culture and how to manage it?

Speaker 1: Aadyant Vashishth - Recruitment Manager - Experienced Hires at P&G. (Poland)
Speaker 2: Ademola Odusanya, SCP - HR Business Manager, Middle East & Africa
at Microsoft (Middle East and Africa)
Speaker 3: Kristina Kudryavtseva - Senior Leadership Recruiter @ Meta

They discuss the following topics:

- How is the corporate culture evolving under the impact of globalization and the growing openness of information? What are the major changes?
- Can corporate culture be destructive?
- Is man...

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