Unlock the secrets to retaining top talent at the 3rd HR Global Summit: Retention Roadmap. Explore the factors that influence employee loyalty and turnover, and learn how candidate experience can enhance retention. Acquire valuable knowledge for creating a comprehensive rewards strategy that increases employee retention, motivation, and performance. Don't miss this opportunity—register now!

Day 1

Retention Reality: Unpacking the Factors that Drive Employee Loyalty and Turnover

Unpacking Factors that Drive Loyalty & Turnover! Discover job satisfaction elements, loyalty limitations, factors influencing decisions to stay or leave. Get practical strategies for retention benchmarking and navigating challenges. Join Eva Baluchova, Global Employer Branding Lead and Proud Ex-Recruiter, for valuable insights to empower your retention efforts.

Candidate Experience and how interviewing process and onboarding affect sense of belonging and future retention of employees

Explore the best recruitment and onboarding practices that can significantly increase retention rates. Gain valuable knowledge on effectively managing candidate expectations, aligning them with the job and corporate culture, and overcoming potential challenges. The keynote session, led by Kristina Kudryavtseva, ex-Senior Leadership Recruiter at Meta, will provide you with practical advice to enhance candidate experience and improve employee retention in your organization.

Rewards that Retain: Retention Strategies and Total Rewards

Explore a range of adjustments to retention strategies, including broad-based and targeted approaches. We'll discuss the concept of Total Rewards and its impact on retention, as well as the evolution to Total Rewards 2.0. Learn how to effectively communicate the importance of your rewards program to executives and measure its effectiveness, considering employee engagement and budget management.

Balancing the Scales: Effective Employee Benefits on a Tight Budget

Thought-provoking Panel Discussion featuring Julian Vlach Ionita, Cross-cultural Consultant at Udemy, and Alina Sirbu, HR Adviser, Trainer & Facilitator, highlights the impact of tangible and intangible benefits on employee motivation and performance. Explore strategies to align these benefits with the drivers of high retention and discover low-cost yet highly effective options for times of crisis. Gain valuable tips for effectively communicating the value of the benefits package to ensure employee understanding and appreciation.


expand your knowledge and get the best practical tools in the field of personnel management
Kristina Kudryavtseva
Senior Leadership Recruiter, Tech Lead, Onboarding lector and Career coach
Iulian Ioniță
Cross-cultural consultant, Udemy author
Alina Sirbu
HR Adviser | Trainer & Facilitator | Art Therapist
3rd HR GLOBAL SUMMIT: Retention Roadmap
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The HR Global Summit is offered at no cost to attendees. Recordings and additional materials are available to HR.Cafe community members by subscription.


Our summit is designed to bring together HR professionals from large global businesses. We delve into pressing issues in light of current global events with experts from various countries. If you are interested in building new connections with like-minded leaders, gaining insights to de-risk your projects, and establishing new partnerships to accelerate your projects, we invite you to apply to attend today.


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