Mastering Technical Recruitment

Comprehensive online course led by Kristina Kudryavtseva, Senior Executive Recruiter with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. Upon completion of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of technical recruiting as well as the tools and techniques required to be successful in this field. Live format.

7 modules
7 materials
14 hours

About course

Mastering Technical Recruitment - is a comprehensive course led by Kristina Kudryavtseva, a Senior Executive Recruiter in the tech industry with over a decade of experience. It is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of technical recruitment. Students will participate in a range of exercises, including market mapping, skills assessment, case study analysisand research assignments. Upon completing the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of technical recruitment and the tools and techniques required to succeed in the field.

  • 7 modules, each of which covers a specific aspect for developing your own Strategy for Effective Technical Recruitment and building a successful Recruiter career.
  • Workshop on building a strategy for effective technical recruitment
  • QA session with a case study analysis.

Kristina Kudryavtseva

ex-Senior Leadership Recruiter @ Meta
  • Senior Leadership Recruiter in Software Engineerin
  • Was the first tech sourcer based in Israel office, helped build and scale TLV office from 100 to 1000+ tech professionals
  • Tech Lead and knowledge source in Leadership team of 12 people
  • Career coach and adviser who helped multiple people outside of Meta to prepare, pass interviews, grow in their careers
  • Onboarding lector for talent campers in EMEA - new sourcers, recruiters, recruitment managers, that joining Meta
  • Public speaker, build a course “Leveling up your career”, participated in multiple internal and external recruitment conferences

Program of course

Module 1: Recruitment Team roles and Ideal Design of the Hiring Process in IT

  • • Recruitment Models for Tech
    • Defining Your Place and Path as a Technical Recruitment Specialist
    • Structure of a Tech recruitment Team and Cross-functional Collaboration
    • Recruitment Process and Required Skillset
    • How to Become a Recruitment Advisor

Module 2: Navigation in the High-tech Industry and Market Understanding

  • • Understanding the Industry You are Hiring For: Market Mapping and Market Trends
    • Employer brand, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and competitive intelligence system
    • Utilizing Employer Brand, Mission, and Values in Recruitment Strategy

Module 3: Technical Knowledge in Tech Recruitment Part 1

  • • Technical Landscape: Understanding Your Company's Products, Engineering Culture and Tech Stack
    • Fundamental Technical Concepts for Talent Mapping

Module 4: Module 4 Technical Knowledge in Tech Recruitment Part 2

  • • High-Tech People: Professions, Levels, Motivation
    • Fundamental Technical Concepts for Recruiters
    • Software Development Trends and Their Impact on Software Engineering Roles

Module 5: Candidate Sourcing, Assessment, and Interviewing

  • • Sourcing Strategies, Tools and Common Mistakes to Avoid
    • Developing Effective screening process for tech roles
    • Initial Screening Process
    • Types of job interviews and their purposes
    • Conducting Job interview
    • Customizing Interview Processes for Tech Role Fit and Motivations

Module 6: Offer and Hire - Sell meetings, Job Offer, Negotiations and Closing

  • • Finding Your Interviewing and Negotiation Style
    • Recruiter Conversion Rate
    • Selling Meetings, Job Offer and Negotiations
    • Closing the Deal: Ensuring Successful Candidate Acceptance

Module 7: Candidate experience and onboarding

  • • Candidate Experience: Positive and Negative, its impact and dealing with consequences
    • Best Practices for Onboarding in High-Tech industry
    • Strategies for Personal Development as a Tech Recruiter
Fundamentals of Technical Recruitment
Course #2: Mastering Technical Recruitment
A certificate of attendance for the course is provided
Advanced Technical Recruitment Strategies
Course #2: Mastering Technical Recruitment
Workshop on building a strategy for effective technical recruitment
A certificate of attendance for the course is provided
Q&A session


Entry-level IT Recruiters

Entry-level and mid-career individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in IT recruitment, including recent graduates with a degree in HR or professionals with prior experience in HR who are new to IT recruitment.

Experienced IT Recruiters

Mid-career IT recruiters who are currently working in staffing agencies or in-house recruitment teams, and want to enhance their skills to advance their careers in IT recruitment.

HR Management & Team Leaders & Staffing and recruiting agencies

Human resource executives and managers who are looking to train their IT recruitment team to become more effective in finding and hiring top talent in the technology industry.

When will students receive the lecture recordings and handouts?

The lecture recordings and additional materials will be accessible to each student in their personal account on within 2 days following the lecture. A notification will be sent via email to inform you when the materials are ready for access.

Refund terms

Refund is possible after attending the 1st lecture. Participants who attended the 2nd lecture and beyond cannot receive a refund. To request a refund, students can contact customer support by sending an email to Please include your registered email address, the name of the course and package purchased, and the reason for the refund request in the email. A support manager will then contact you to clarify the refund details.